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Kimberly grew up in Frenchtown, Montana.  She has lived in Missoula for the majority of her life.  She and her husband have chosen to raise their three young children in the same communities where Kimberly grew up, enjoying the educational, community, and outdoor opportunities that make Missoula and Montana so wonderful.  They are teaching their children through their example how important it is to be involved in their community and work for positive social change.  

medium_family     Kimberly believes that the decisions we make today define our lives and create the future Montana that we leave for our children and grandchildren to inherit.  Kimberly is seeking to continue her work as a legislator to make our government more effective, responsible, and accountable to the people of Montana.  

          Kimberly will continue to work to create healthier communities, a stronger economy, and a better future for all Montanans.  Through her education and experiences, Kimberly has the skills and knowledge it takes to make policies that improve the lives of Montanans.  Kimberly has worked tirelessly for over the past decade to create safer communities and stronger families.  This began with her work as a YWCA domestic violence advocate, then as a registered nurse specializing in neonatal intensive care, as a small business owner, and finally as an attorney.  Kimberly served as a law clerk for Montana's highest court, the Montana Supreme Court.  She served the people of Montana as a Deputy Gallatin County Attorney, specializing in protection of children.  Kimberly then worked for over three years as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Montana in the Child Protection Unit protecting children in abusive family situations. Kimberly currently is a full-time attorney with the law firm Browning, Kaleczyc, Berry, and Hoven, P.C. 

Kimberly served as a Democratic State Representative in the 63rd Montana Legislature and is the current House District 99 Representative.  Her work focused on improving the lives of Montanans, making our communities safer, and improving our economy.  The Legislative Achievements page describes some of Kimberly's accomplishments during her first session.  Kimberly received the 2013 New Leaders Council 40 Under 40 Award for Political Leadership.  Prior to becoming a legislator, Kimberly was involved with legislation that made our communities safer - working to include sexual assault and stalking as crimes recognized in the interstate enforcement of protective orders and to expand the law related to sexual intercourse without consent so that the law provides more protection for victims.   

Kimberly graduated from public school in Frenchtown, Montana.  She received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Montana State University, her law degree from the University of Montana School of Law, and her Master of Public Health degree from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  

Kimberly is committed to improving our communities through her professional and volunteer work.  Her knowledge of issues impacting public health and its intersection with individual health and legal issues is unparalleled in the state legislature.  Kimberly is one of Montana's leading scholars on issues affecting children's rights, protection of children, and how public health is affected by child abuse.  She is the only Certified Child Welfare Law Specialist, certified by the National Association of Council for Children, in the history of the Montana Legislature. 

Kimberly's community involvement exemplifies her efforts to improve our community.  Kimberly is a founding member of the Missoula Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Team.  She is the founder and Director of the Montana Anti-Trafficking Project.  Her work protecting children includes her service on the child welfare protection DN Committee.  She works to improve the legal system in Montana through serving on the Montana Supreme Court Court Assessment Program Advisory Committee.  She is a member of the Western Montana Bar Association, Montana State Bar, and American Immigration Law Association.  She also serves as a board member for the Children's Center, the WMR Community Ministry Board (St. Patrick Hospital Board), and the University of Montana's President's Advisory Council. 

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