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Public health:  Kimberly is devoted to improving the public health of Montana's people, including all health, social, and environmental factors that impact our daily lives.  Wise investments in the health of Montana's citizens can create a better world by decreasing crime, delinquency, abuse, and increasing individual productivity.  We must not cut funding to programs proven to have a beneficial impact on the social fabric of our society.  We must utilize our policies to improve our well-being in a fiscally responsible manner.  

Affordable medical care is a priority for Montanans and we must utilize all funding available to improve the health of Montana's citizens. Medical decisions are for individuals to make and the government must not insert itself into those decisions.  All individuals have the right to make decisions regarding their health care without governmental intrusion.  A woman has full autonomy and control over her body. Women have the right to privacy in their health care decisions and the right to obtain the health care they determine they need in consultation with their health care provider. 

Education:   Education is the cornerstone to a productive economy. Education is important not only for our children but to our entire society.  A good education provides the building blocks to being a productive, successful member of society and improves our communities for everyone.  We need to provide sufficient funding to fund education from preschool through adulthood, ensuring our children have access to a premier education and that job-retraining opportunities are available for adults when needed. 

Environment and conservation:  Our environment in Montana is one of our most cherished assets.  We need to work to protect the environment so that our children may enjoy the same wonderful environment and outdoor recreational opportunities, including hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing, that we have.  We must conserve our lands and preserve access to our lands and rivers.  Global climate change is a proven scientific fact that we need to address through our policies and legislation in order to maintain the natural beauty and resources that make Montana so special.

Energy:  We live in times where we need to explore new sources of energy.  We must ensure the energy we are using is safe, affordable, reliable, and environmentally conscientious.  We need to promote energy sources that are efficient, renewable, and do not harm our environment.  Business and job growth has high potential with energy because of the challenges we are facing in our changing energy economy and the technological advances we are making in this area.  Innovative technologies will promote both energy growth and economic growth through the new employment opportunities that are possible.

Jobs and economic growth:  We must use our legislative policies to promote job creation and growth, exploring ways to grow our economy into the future and focusing on new employment sectors.  Legislative policies should encourage sustainable business practices to benefit all Montanans.  The rights of workers must not be marginalized and degraded by our policies. 

Equality:  All people enjoy the rights to dignity and equality.  All people should be treated equally regardless of their gender, age, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.  Montana's policies must be focused on promoting equality for everyone.  

Public safety:  All individuals are entitled to live in a safe community where they trust that they will be protected from crimes.  If they are the victim of a crime, they deserve to be protected by our laws and assured that the person who perpetrated the crime will be held accountable.  Rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders, when appropriate, must also be provided for to create a safe community.  Our laws must provide for the protection of everybody, from the youngest infant to the most elderly among us.

Government and fiscal responsibility:  The government is created by the people and works for the people.  We must guarantee that our government represents the will of the people and works for their common good.  Our public resources should be utilized to promote the public good in a fiscally responsible manner so that we do not waste valuable public resources. 

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