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  • Collaborated with state representative to draft and advocated for successful passage of Montana HB 310 (2021) to amend Notice of Rights for victims of sexual assault.

  • Collaborated with state representative to draft and advocated for successful passage of Montana HB 520 (2021) to create a safe harbor for sex workers who are sexually assaulted.

  • Collaborated with state representative to draft and advocated for passage of Montana HJ 12 (2021) to declare that white supremacist neo-Nazi violence is domestic terrorism.

  • Successfully carried and passed (with the help and support of many individuals and organizations) the following Montana legislation:

    • HB 136 (2019) to abolish rubella premarital blood test for women

    • HB 137 (2019) to create a statewide drug takeback day

    • HB 514 (2019) to provide for check the box election on informal property tax appeals

    • HB 549 (2019) to revise child sex trafficking laws to provide specialized services for survivors

    • HB 631 (2019) to create public private partnership to help workers in targeted industries

    • HB 719 (2019) to establish the Jeannette Rankin memorial highway

    • HR 4 (2019) to establish Montana sexual assault survivor's day

    • HB 192 (2019) (carried by Rep. Marilyn Ryan) to revise laws related to privacy in communications to include revenge porn

    • HJ 23 (2019) study resolution on improving Montana Veterans' Affairs Division

    • SB 289 (2019) (carried by Sen. Diane Sands) to provide safe harbor for pregnant women seeking assistance for substance abuse

    • HB 59 (2017) to revise appointment of public defender for putative father in neglect cases

    • HB 64 (2017) to revise child abuse diversion project laws

    • HB 89 (2017) to establish holistic defense pilot project within state public defender system

    • HB 173 (2017) to provide deadline for treatment plans and permanency hearings in child abuse and neglect cases

    • HB 247 (2017) to revise laws on sexual abuse of children

    • HB 248 (2017) to revise anti-bullying laws 

    • HB 351 (2017) to revise laws relating to permanency of youth in foster care

    • HB 516 (2017) to allow for civil action to collect certain delinquent property taxes

    • HB 517 (2017) to require DPHHS to develop a strategic plan to reduce child abuse and neglect

    • HB 89 (2015) to revise human trafficking laws

    • HB 227 (2015) to adopt 2008 uniform interstate family support act

    • HB 232 (2015)  to revise laws related to child identity theft

    • HB 284 (2015) to pass the Bully Free Montana Act anti-bullying law

    • HB 397 (2015) to revise adoption laws related to release of birth certificates to adoptees without requiring court order

    • HB 612 (2015) to establish child abuse court diversion pilot project

Rep. Kimberly Dudik at press conference at the Montana State Capitol in 2019 regarding bills she carried affecting Montana's veterans. Pictured from left to right is MVAD Admin. Kelly Ackerman, Rep. Rae Peppers, Rep. Willis Curdy, Rep. Derek Harvey, representative from Montana Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary, Josh Manning, Rep. Marvin Weatherwax, representatives from American Legion, Rep. Mary Caferro, and Rep. Mary Ann Dunwell
Rep. Kimberly Dudik speaking at a pro-choice rally in 2020 at the Missoula County Courthouse supporting reproductive freedom.


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Rep. Kimberly Dudik sitting at her desk in the Montana House of Representatives at the Montana State Capitol in Helena, Montana, in 2019.
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