Kimberly Dudik, leader in innovative, intersectional reforms to further social justice.

Legal Representation

Kimberly currently assists clients in select cases working to hold institutions accountable and representing individuals who have been harmed. She specializes in seeking justice for sexual abuse survivors. Kimberly provides legal assistance to those who have been impacted by the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons epidemic. Kimberly also assists nonprofit organizations with business formation needs and supports creators through providing entertainment law services.



Kimberly has extensive experience advocating for and leading teams through legal changes that improve public safety. She also assists those who need an advocate in select cases. She has extensive experience identifying legal and social problems, then addressing them through drafting and passing innovative, intersectional legislative changes.



Kimberly has a wide range of experience in the legal and nonprofit social justice sector with specialization in the arenas of political empowerment, gender-based and sexual violence, child abuse, and women's rights. 


Kimberly provides project-specific development, training, and consulting for nonprofit legal and social justice organizations, advocates, and political organizations. She has extensive experience developing and launching new legal, advocacy, and leadership programs.

Kimberly also offers expert consultations regarding medical and legal issues having unique experience as an attorney for nearly twenty years as well as having been a registered nurse, lawmaker, prosecutor, and advocate for domestic violence survivors.



Kimberly is a dynamic and inspirational speaker on a wide range of topics related to her areas of expertise. She has organized and also speaks at conferences and meetings addressing topics including criminal justice reform, social justice, equality, leadership, public safety, and political involvement.